Fine art Giclee print of Desert by Paul Digby. Described in the Yorkshire Art Journal:

This series is affecting through its blatancy; its immediate impact and the repetition of solitary figures with their heads in their hands. The variation of location and unrelenting suffering of the figures within bold and bright locations intensifies the message – the light does not have the power to cast away the issues these people face. I feel that this daylight exemplifies the ongoing mental anguish of the figures as they collapse in isolation, surrounded by everyday interiors, which add little protection or comfort. The despairing human beings are bound within these various structures, including hotel rooms, bedrooms, army tanks, airport lounges, offices and toilet cubicles. The structures enforce a sense of entrapment but also add a strong sense of familiarity, and, potentially, nostalgia.

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Giclee print

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Large giclee print approx (594 x 415mm) unframed £27.00, Medium giclee print approx (420 x 293) unframed £23.00, Medium giclee print in black frame ready to hang, overall size approx (480 x 353mm) £70.00