The info below is detailed information from Leeds based Artist Paul Digby – @DigbyPaul. His work has always been thought provoking and it certainly draws comments.
School Corridor
I am a Leeds artist who grew up in various parts of the Yorkshire and Humber region.
My practice is project based and I would be able to deliver a lecture on my current, and previous project as they lead into one another. I am happy to tailor the talks length and content focus (e.g. My relationship with partner organisations etc.) to what you might require.
My practice does involve identifying partner organisations that are arts and non-groups, gaining there support and applying for funding. The non-arts sector consists of health sector (inc. hospitals, social care, charities) and education (inc. primary, secondary, adult education, FE and HE). The arts sector bodies include the Tetley, ESA and Artforms. I have had a series of successful ACE and other sector grants. I have organised and spoke at a series of conferences, seminars and exhibitions on my practice.
My work is held in the Wellcome Trust archive and Private Collections.
Exhibitions include: Saatchi Gallery, Cornerhouse, Leeds City Gallery, RBS Gallery.
I regularly teach and am a YVAN steering group member.
Part 2 coming Tuesday next week.
Paul Digby | Contemporary Artist UK
Untitled series (pen/pencil/ink drawings)) Untitled series (paint/pencil/graphite drawings) Untitled series 2 (graphite drawings)
Broken Arts Collective:
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