Cosmic retail: Part 3

There is a problem with drawing and painting. We first encountered it in the caves of what is now Altamira in Spain. Humans store tiny amounts of psychic energy in their bodies, not normally enough to effect anything as far was we are concerned, but there are occasions when their energies are concentrated into what in human terms I could call direct current psychic batteries. These batteries can be powerful enough to effect the alternating current flow of our Earth’s core energy transmissions. This is why I had taken a particular interest in what was going on in Leeds this time. The corn exchange had organised an art exhibition, and it was to be put on in the already tricky polygonal space that had been painted pink. Each and every drawing and painting that was to be hung on those pink walls was in effect a condensed experiential time capsule. Hours of psychic concentration had gone into each piece of work, which meant that these images were potential doorways through which could pass all manner of dark phantoms and demons. A painting can in effect be rather like a vacuum, sucking demonic energies up from the magma deep below. On the first night of the exhibition, I felt a rustle in the ether, I spotted new thought forms hanging around the edges of the exchange, things that shouldn’t be there, ideas that were not supposed to be had. That’s another problem with art, it not only stores up psychic energy it gives out ideas for no other reason than it thinks it’s a good thing to do so. Well as far as I’m concerned it isn’t a good thing to do, it muddies my playing field, and causes no end of unpredictability. The situation however all worked out to my advantage in the end, it always does. In having to put a dampener on the art exhibition I had to get the Leeds corn exchange closed. To do this I had to shift some mind sets in other parts of the country and as I did this I became more aware of the North American overflow problem. It appeared that demons had escaped through the White House portal and were ensconced in the brain of the most powerful human on the planet and that this had not only shifted the whole psychic balance of the human population, it was in danger of imploding and cutting off the overflow energy escape route. Voting is easy to rig if you know how, and so I was at the last minute able to ensure a regime change in the White House, and the only things aware of what had gone on were the escaped demons of course, but they by their very nature couldn’t reveal themselves, so except for their bleating about a rigged election, I was pretty sure I had the problem fixed. Now that we are heading towards the winter solstice, I can turn my attention back to other more important things, such as retail. You see commerce isn’t just something that is arrived at naturally, why do you think it is so powerful? What do you think was behind Marx’s idea of the fetish, that dark exchange whereby human labour could be exchanged into money? All deep meaning is driven by images, images that it is the job of those like myself to police. Too many and conflicting ones and the world of cities and other human constructions topples and falls, eventually even bringing down buildings like the corn exchange. The life you live has never been reducible to what you as humans call the five senses; it has always only been possible in the forms that we have allowed. It is only through the incorporation of images that we allow you to exist., something that only in dreams have you glimpsed; only in a dream can you guess the true forms of your reality and only in dreams do you ever meet ourselves. Have you ever found yourself day dreaming in front of a mirror? Have you ever wondered how certain things have become like they have when they have no rhyme or reason to be so? You falsely assume you are creatures of the world and in doing so you seek to adorn yourselves in it. Coloured minerals, shining stones, polished metals, woven plant fibres and animal pelts are all used to cover the fact that your anatomical bodies feel alien. This is why the corn and the exchange exist; value and capital entwined. The tight links between Leeds and Paris are now realised in shopping malls and covered streets and retail outlets all focused on exchange and the celebration of fashion. We, I am fashion, we fashion, I shape and you fashion, so that you now follow fashion, fashion being the very identity that you take on. This is my focus, this is my reason for being; this is why I forgot to check the corn exchange energy flow, because I was so deeply involved in the fashion show. As a caretaker I must accept my responsibilities, but as a fashion designer I continue to shape the gradual escape of psychic image memes as they flow up out of the earth, and as I do so, I shape all you aliens into the images of earth creatures. Garry Barker 20. 11. 20

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