Cosmic retail: Part 2

Humans are so easy to manipulate, they have never wondered why over fifty percent of their body mass is made of alien DNA, simply accepting that something else is needed if their bodies are to be able to take nutrients out of the surrounding world. Our bacterial presence in their guts has never been acknowledged, even their best thinkers simply regarding bacteria as minute mindless organisms, necessary to digestion processes. The idea given to Brodwick in his dream, was for a cast-iron gallery to separate first-floor offices from the main buying floor. This ‘ring of iron’ was essential to the containment of the ion field that we had been nurturing and it kept the energy flow away from the basement below where the corn was stored. However little was I to suspect that at some point humans would decide to extend the ironwork down into the basement and not only that, provide a Platonic polygon surround, painted in a specific pink that would resonate at a certain wavelength, ensuring that both iron circle and polygon were synchronised in such a way that phantom energy outbursts would be generated. The deeper problem being that the energy magnifier is still working. The corn exchange’s central elliptical oculus and longitudinal ribs combine to form a giant magnifying glass, not in this case for optical enlargement, but for psychic concentration. The unorthodox design has worked well for us over the last century, the inverted ship’s hull being a particular favourite of mine, one that I must admit, I had quite a large say in the design of its psychic geometry. Perhaps the most worrying element when dealing with psychic batteries is that of overflow. When Thomas Jefferson visited Paris he was, like Brodwick, impressed by the dome of the Halle de Blé, a structure that on seeing it for the first time he called the “most superb thing on earth”. Jefferson then had a dream, and afterwards decided to embed its design principles into what we now know as The White House. The French architect Latrobe was invited to Washington to take responsibility for the Capitol building in his new role as “surveyor of public buildings”. He proposed a variant of the Halle aux Blés dome, that after some delay, Jefferson accepted and his dream was realised. Washington is on a direct feedback loop that allows psychic earth energies to be released out into the atmosphere, if ever the Leeds / Paris axis overheats, and unbeknown to myself the battery has been overheating for the last eight years. By extending an iron stairway down into what was the corn store, the ion exchange mechanism was compromised and phantom energies were both released and magnified by the building’s oval oculus. These energies are chthonic, they are derived from the Earth’s core and pre-date human beings by hundreds of millions of years. They seek out weak spots and they feed on susceptible minds and my job was to ensure they were always contained. I should have known what was happening, the news from the North American continent was a clear indicator that there had been a psychic shift in human consciousness, but I had become too embroiled in my other much more fashionable interests to follow what was happening. It was only when I had to renew my attention to the Leeds battery node that I realised how long the problem had been going on.

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