@DigbyPaul – PowerPoint Presentation

This painting measures 1.5/1m and is called PowerPoint Presentation. It references Da Vinci’s Last Supper and features some wonderful women. I think it would hang well in an office and meeting room (ideally in a church). DM me for sales and prints are available or go to www.pauldigby.co.uk #contemporaryarts #religiousart @revrichardcoles #buyoriginalart #Women #LeedsArt

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Isolation series… #Isolation #lockdown #Art

A series of works by Paul Digby with prints available via his name within the artists tab of our site, some originals are still available too. This series is created from what the artist saw and witnessed at the time. We all see different things in art, but for this artist it sums up that [...]

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Art by Jess Dun

We are very happy to have art works available to buy as prints and some original works are also still available. More details are available via the Artist page on our site. Jess also has her own works and up to date details of upcoming exhibitions and works via her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtbyJessdun Jess Dun [...]

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Cosmic Retail, part 3

Cosmic retail: Part 3 There is a problem with drawing and painting. We first encountered it in the caves of what is now Altamira in Spain. Humans store tiny amounts of psychic energy in their bodies, not normally enough to effect anything as far was we are concerned, but there are occasions when their energies [...]

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Cosmic retail – A mini story…#LeedsArt

Please find this short story from Garry Barker. There is an exhibition being held within the Leeds Corn Exchange and as we're in a position where we're unable to go to our usual places and ahead of the anticipated re-opening on Wednesday 2nd December please find the first of three [...]

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