Jim Carrie @seven_arts

Crack O Dawn – is a vibrant abstract, the surface being divided by verticals and horizontals representing land and sky respectively, reminiscent of beach huts.

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Thanks to advice from the @FATG

I have completed two Ash frames for antique plates and the method used is thanks to the advice following a question I posted on the Guilds forum. The customers were thrilled with the finished products #art #framing  

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Paul Digby @digbypaul – part 3

In 2012 the artist Paul Digby created a series of drawings based on people who live and work in Leeds, UK. A reference for the project was Charles Darwin's Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. In this Darwin uses photographs made by Duchenne de Boulogne of The Old Man. Boulogne attached electrodes to [...]

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Happy 127 birthday Sophie Taeuber-Arp

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