Cosmic Retail – Part 2; ‘The Imagined City’

Cosmic retail: Part 2 Humans are so easy to manipulate, they have never wondered why over fifty percent of their body mass is made of alien DNA, simply accepting that something else is needed if their bodies are to be able to take nutrients out of the surrounding world. Our bacterial presence in their guts [...]

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Jim Carrie @seven_arts

Crack O Dawn – is a vibrant abstract, the surface being divided by verticals and horizontals representing land and sky respectively, reminiscent of beach huts.

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Kunsthaus Modern Art @KunsthausZurich

The Museum for Modern Art in Zurich, if ever you happen to be in Zurich do go to the Kunsthaus Art Museum for Modern Art it is a fabulous gallery with a wide collection of modern art,  Ferdinand Leger, Marc Chagal, Paul Klee, Salvador Dali, Picasso, to name but a few along with some old [...]

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Paul Digby @digbypaul – part 3

In 2012 the artist Paul Digby created a series of drawings based on people who live and work in Leeds, UK. A reference for the project was Charles Darwin's Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. In this Darwin uses photographs made by Duchenne de Boulogne of The Old Man. Boulogne attached electrodes to [...]

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Frank Auerbach exhibition

  We visited Tate Britain to see the Frank Auerbach exhibition, he was born in Berlin 1931 but has lived in Britain since he was 8 and is still alive today and living in London. His work is semi abstract and has an almost 3D effect with his paint. I would say he builds a [...]

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Featured artist – Paul Digby

Paul Digby part 2: Current project: An art project to celebrate the public sector. The project is to create a series of figurative drawings of people who work in the Emergency Services, deliver a series of workshops within Shakespeare Primary School based on the Emergency Services, an exhibition and seminar of the artists and children's [...]

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