We are very happy to have art works available to buy as prints and some original works are also still available. More details are available via the Artist page on our site. Jess also has her own works and up to date details of upcoming exhibitions and works via her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtbyJessdun

Jess Dun is an artist based in Morley, Leeds. She graduated in Contemporary Fine Art from Leeds Metropolitan University and has had local exhibitions spanning the past ten years. As a member of WYPW in Mirfield, she has explored collagraph, intaglio and relief printing techniques. However more recently she has been developing her painting; enjoying using inks and mixed media to layer up translucent colours and textures.

Her work explores a range of themes such as; nature, light, memory and the notion of ‘home’. She encourages the viewer to make their own interpretations but hopes that they share her positivity; maybe reminiscing about a memory or finding a moment of calm.

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