JL Art and artist Paul Digby are selling prints of drawings of people who work for the Emergency Services in classical poses.

All profits from sales of the prints will be donated to TASC

These works can be seen on this site in Pauls artist page

About them: The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC) is the leading UK charity working to support current and retired Ambulance Services personnel and their families, regardless of role, to enhance their mental and physical well-being during times of need. Established in 2015, TASC was formed through the merging of benevolent funds across the UK including the Ambulance Services Benevolent Fund, to create a national charity for the benefit of all present and former staff working in NHS and independent sector ambulance services.

The Difference they make: TASC works in partnership to offer relevant and appropriate advice and support for serving and former Ambulance Services personnel living with disabilities or injuries, and help with more regular support when ill health, injury, stress or lack of income causes real hardship or difficulty, helping people transition out of their situations quickly. Since our inception, we have seen a five-fold increase in the number of people seeking our support; this upward trend is set to continue as we further raise our profile amongst the Ambulance Community.

TASC Covid-19 Response Fund

TASC – The Ambulance Staff Charity has established a Covid-19 Response Fund to support our ambulance service personnel during these unprecedented times. Funding will be used to continue to deliver high quality support in straining circumstances, helping to minimise anxiety and ensure the health and well-being of serving ambulance staff at this time of crisis.

Ambulance Staff who dedicate their lives to supporting and saving others are themselves in need of support.  At this challenging time for us all, we’re determined to do everything we can to support our remarkable ambulance staff leading the fight on the front line, so that they can continue to help the most vulnerable people in society.

Any donations received for this fund will be providing emergency funds to help the Ambulance Service cope with the extraordinary demands of fighting this pandemic.  Our support includes:

  • Mental Health support -psychological support for ambulance staff struggling with stress related illness  or struggling with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD);
  • Counselling;
  • Physical rehabilitation for ambulance staff injured in the line of duty;
  • Welfare support/Debt Advice and financial grants
  • Bereavement support.

This fund was set up due to the demand we have been seeing.  We understand that these are very difficult and challenging times for everyone.  The Covid-19 pandemic is moving us into unchartered territory as it permeates all aspects of life. What we do know is that there are increasing pressures on our emergency services at this time; our Ambulance staff work at the frontline and coronavirus is having a serious impact upon them.

Call numbers are soaring, interactions with patients are changing, and paramedics on the road and staff in control centres are under acute pressure. At a time when most people are distancing themselves from others, ambulance crews are doing what they always do – going into the homes of sick and vulnerable strangers to offer help.

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